Jennifer Bauer

Very responsive and communicative – had a mac with white screen of death. Abdul offered fastest fix with best price first. We ultimately needed a new screen, he gave us many options, kept the communication line going and kept us up to date thru the whole process. A service-oriented approach, so I’ll go back when I need computer repair again.

May H.

I never went to a shop like this before, so I asked my friends. My friend Emily recommended Ginitechs, which was near Woody’s Pizza! So I went in because I was looking for a professional who can fix the issues with my laptop.

I could always Google the issues, browse YouTube etc. But since I am not a technical expert on fixing computers, laptops. It is best not to tinker around with my laptop, like a newbie without a license, or knowledge to do so beforehand.

Abdul the technician, provided excellent customer service, he was friendly, helpful, insightful/knowledgeable about computers and laptops! He said my laptop was in a good condition and lasted longer than most HP laptops he had fixed! I picked it up today on 11/28/16 it’s working normally again, and it looks like it was cleaned up, and upgraded etc. free of charge!!!

So overall I definitely recommend this place for anyone who has not been to an IT Service & Computer repair shop before. It was a positive experience for me and I would go back again for future technology needs. This place also sold computers, laptops too wow!!!

Janine Grillo Marra

My laptop crashed and I checked a few local places. This one had all good reviews so I gave it a try. The prices were reasonable and Abdul was extremely helpful. He contacted me promptly with updates and the re-installation of my operating system was done within a day. After I brought the laptop home there was still an issue with the headphone jack which I forgot to mention when I first arrived. I brought the laptop back for Abdul to check (free of charge) and it was a Windows 10 update issue affecting the headphones which he fixed (at no charge). I was extremely happy overall and will return when needed as well as refer others.

Julie H

My laptop screen had blacked out and wouldn’t come on. I called and they knew of the problem so I brought it in on a Saturday morning. The fees were reasonable and it was fixed within 48 hours. They were very pleasant and honest we’ll be back if problems arise again. Feels good to support a local business too!

Mary Cullen

Absolutely unbelievable service ! Abdul was so helpful & kind. He fixed my computer in a short amount of time & let me know how much it would cost. Extremely pleased & will use his services again.

lorena Plaza

It’s such a relief to find a dependable and honest Computer Repair Guy. I had my Apple MacBook Pro laptop screen shattered Apple store said $600 to fix the screen. I told friend of mine he referred me to GiniTechs in East Boston cross from Orient High T-station. So I went there and asked if he work on Apple computers the answer was YES. I showed my laptop with shattered screen and asked how much is it to fix? The answer was $300 I was speechless and able to pick it up the same day. I’ve never wrote a reviews before but, after this experience I had with GiniTechs IT Solutions I decided to share this with you. He is BETTER than the Geek Squad he won’t confuse you with technical jargon and won’t overcharge you an arm and leg.

John Elia

I had the hardest time for years trying to find a dependable IT person. Long behold a good friend of mine told me about Ginitechs in East Boston. I was so impressed with the quality and honesty of their work that I had them make me up a …MoreI had the hardest time for years trying to find a dependable IT person. Long behold a good friend of mine told me about Ginitechs in East Boston. I was so impressed with the quality and honesty of their work that I had them make me up a super duper computer which is super fast.
Abdul , the guy I deal with the most is the most accommodating person that I have ever known in all the years that I have had my own computer. I cannot say enough good things about all the guys at ginitechs. They are all so understanding and caring. They are the supermen of the computer repair business. If you want the best for your computer then go directly to Ginitechs. Do not waste your time going anywhere else as you will be kicking yourself for not going directly to Ginitechs.
John Elia
Wakefield, MA
Wakefield, MA 01880

Dahab Sore

I’ve never thought such a place exist warm friendly and professional. They saved my life Windows 10 Upgrade corrupted my hard drive lost all my Company files documents and pictures GINITECHS was able to retrieve all my data and restored my laptop back to factory settings runs faster than before very satisfied highly recommend.

Brendon Raftery

Good, efficient and friendly professional service.
Highly recommend, took my laptop to GINITECHS IT SOLUTIONS at 4pm yesterday and it was ready 2pm today which was great for me great prices great service.

David Agudelo

I’ve been going to GiniTechs for a long time, my first ever computer was from them, they are really professional and always ready to fix the problem if it has to do with my PC or MacBook they work with both windows and apple products, they are great at building computers from scratch for people that need high performance gaming PC for those that want to use it for gaming or in my case music production. I highly recommend GiniTechs because they use original parts for any replacements never any aftermarket.

Christine T.

Went in September to get a laptop for my son going off to college. Abdul was amazing! Not only was he able to get one within a few days being such a hard time to get a used laptop anywhere with kids all going off to college but a really nice one at a great price. He even provided extra software at no charge and warranty. Plus the overall customer service and kindness while in the shop was great! Had one small problem with the keyboard the first night and he went right out and purchased a brand new replacement. I would highly recommend GiniTech for purchasing computer items!

Judith M.

As a senior citizen of, i believe, average intelligence, I resent being spoken to as an idiot when dealing with IT folks.  (could also be said of many people in the service industry).  A young friend recommended GINITechs, and I am so happy I called and set up an appointment.  Abdul is a gentleman who knows his business.  He was very helpful in several areas:  getting us a new computer, setting it up as well as synching it with my iPhone.  He also set up a new printer.  The key was that he presented material to me in a manner I could understand.  He was never condescending, but was encouraging.  (As a former teacher, I appreciate the teaching skills he used.)  With no hesitation, I would recommend Abdul to anyone needing IT help regardless of computer skills.  Also, he is the man to go to if u r looking for a computer.